Sunday, July 28, 2013


Just when I think this band is never going to play again, i'm wrong...again. This time we're headed to my favorite vacation spot CANADA for one hell of a fucking weekend in Montreal. We'll be opening up for OMEGAS, CITIZENS ARREST, and NEGATIVE APPROACH on Aug 4th. The shirts you see on the eccentric stoner recluse DAN ANDERSON above will be available. He also made the shirts, one of few things he actually did this year.

So save your loonies and two-nies, and when I get there you can all apologize to me for even thinking for a minute the leafs could beat the bruins, and if you have any issues with that just remember, we still have all the guns...which makes all of your opinions invalid, hosers.

If you have any issues, questions about any of the details of this show, my trip back east, or about whatever's on my mind at the moment feel free to call me at 774-280-2103. Love you