Saturday, November 20, 2010


A primal 3 piece assault that unhinges at every moment, with songs that quake and drone like a pressure cooker ready to burst.  Intensifying their sound from previous releases with a much fuller and more realized production, the band charges through 10 tracks of venomous, sexually repulsed tirades aiming to tear apart every last hope for humanity. Include a decimated reworking of their opus "Fuck To Survive" along with their version of local anthem "Upsidedown Cross". Recorded and mixed at the infamous Pain Cave by Chris Corry and DFJ of MIND ERASER-fame, with unforgettable artwork photographed by LA legend Cali deWitt.

Thanks Mark. 500 were pressed. Still available in the Youth Attack store, and we'll have some available when I return to the east for SQRM record release weekend. We'll be playing Boston Friday, and NY Saturday with HOAX, THE PROWL, and special guests. I'll have the details soon, I hope. After that if there's any left over I'll make an update on here. 

True loathing is frivolity mastered. It is a privilege and an art; it is a passion for the superficial by those who, having met the impossibility of certitude, nap through their spiral into oblivion; it is the plummet from one quagmire into the next, which, being by nature bottomless, is reassuring in all its familiarity.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


We are sold out of WHITE SAINTS EPs at ABSCESS. The rest are available through INTERPUNK, PAINKILLER, and EBULLITION. Sean and tony have 10 copies each. Sean will give you one for free if you don't force him to make any decisions during your interaction with him. Tony will not give you one. Even if you pay him. There may be some left over at the RODEO record release shows on Dec 3rd and 4th.

300 pressed