Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bottom of the Barrel

10 LPs remain. All of which belong to me. Paypal $12 plus $4 for shipping to if you want one. I also have hoax demo's now. The dick shirts are gone.

The Mourning After

Thanks to everyone who danced hard as fuck and mangled their bodies this weekend. After very little sleep, a good amount of alchohol, and a flight to SFO delayed almost 3 hours, I'm contemplating suicide, but I won't cop HOAX's style. Sorry to everyone who was planning on going to the flywheel this morning, people weren't down to play and i just couldn't swing it logistically. Special apologies to the Dark Master for befouling his blasphemous sunday plans. More apologies to those who wanted an LP and didn't get one. The whole thing was a big disorganized mess, just like the music. Sorry to those upset that we didn't have change for a $20. If you came looking for change, maybe hardcore was a bad choice. Extra special thanks to the man in the picture below for dancing hard, tearing up ignorant assholes on national tv, and letting me stay at his place. One

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Friday, December 3 · 6:30pm

The Prowl

@the Dub House (email or txt for directions)

Saturday Dec 4th at 10:30pm


@538 Johnson Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, December 5 · 11:30am

CUT MY STRINGS (ex sqrm/dark master)


@the Flywheel Easthampton, MA
4 bux

We won't have any merch at the first show. Hoax tapes will be on sale. White Saints Ep's are sold out. I don't know if tony is going to be in the mood to play Sunday. If not we'll just jam. If you want to get into some shit call me @ 774-280-2103. Power weekend = power exchange


Saturday, November 20, 2010


A primal 3 piece assault that unhinges at every moment, with songs that quake and drone like a pressure cooker ready to burst.  Intensifying their sound from previous releases with a much fuller and more realized production, the band charges through 10 tracks of venomous, sexually repulsed tirades aiming to tear apart every last hope for humanity. Include a decimated reworking of their opus "Fuck To Survive" along with their version of local anthem "Upsidedown Cross". Recorded and mixed at the infamous Pain Cave by Chris Corry and DFJ of MIND ERASER-fame, with unforgettable artwork photographed by LA legend Cali deWitt.

Thanks Mark. 500 were pressed. Still available in the Youth Attack store, and we'll have some available when I return to the east for SQRM record release weekend. We'll be playing Boston Friday, and NY Saturday with HOAX, THE PROWL, and special guests. I'll have the details soon, I hope. After that if there's any left over I'll make an update on here. 

True loathing is frivolity mastered. It is a privilege and an art; it is a passion for the superficial by those who, having met the impossibility of certitude, nap through their spiral into oblivion; it is the plummet from one quagmire into the next, which, being by nature bottomless, is reassuring in all its familiarity.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


We are sold out of WHITE SAINTS EPs at ABSCESS. The rest are available through INTERPUNK, PAINKILLER, and EBULLITION. Sean and tony have 10 copies each. Sean will give you one for free if you don't force him to make any decisions during your interaction with him. Tony will not give you one. Even if you pay him. There may be some left over at the RODEO record release shows on Dec 3rd and 4th.

300 pressed

Friday, October 22, 2010


We had an accident with the inserts so I got delayed on sending out the records. They're in now I just have to get them packed. I'll be sending them on Monday for sure this time. Yes, I still have more if you want to buy one.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Friday is the release date for our 7" EP WHITE SAINTS. It's three new songs, one of which is a cover of Jefferson Airplane ( It was recorded and engineered by the men in the picture below:

It's going to be released by the infamous Marc Gonya as the first release on his label ABSCESS records. Until then you can pre-order it just paypal $7 plus 3$ shipping to They will be shipped on Monday of next week. We'll be celebrating this weekend with a sexually charged and violent drug rampage, the climax of which will take place at POWER EXCHANGE in San Francisco. I hope you will join us.


Friday, August 27, 2010


Its time to demystify you all and remove the "mystery guy" aura around us by telling you exactly what's going on with us:

1) We're NOT breaking up. Tony may tell you different but we'll play again I'm sure. I'm moving to San Francisco until further notice and so the band is on hiatus until I get back. I'm currently on Virgin America flight 351 arriving at 1220pm pacific.
2) The Rodeo LP is now getting mastered and should be out sometime
3) The White Stains EP is pressed and the records are sitting in a meth lab in san francisco that I'm on my way to get RIGHT NOW.
4)There is no "demo 09" tape. The trash bag tape was the demo.
5) The live split with low character is not happening
6)I don't know if the guy from Vile Gash is reissuing the demo or not. Do you?
8)Dark Master lives.
9) We still have T-shirts. But they're in my parent's basement. If you want one call 508-476-2133 and ask for Charlene.

If you have any questions email me at,, or call me at 774-280-2103. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sean and Tony bailed on the show. Sean couldnt decide what to wear, and Tony got caught in the woods playing with crystals. Dark Master will still be playing, possibly with a cameo from the singer of upsidedown cross. No promises though.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Apparently we're playing tomorrow night in a place called "Allston Rock City", a municipality of Boston that is a cross between a brazilian nightclub, a hipster ghetto, and a college fraternity. I didn't know about this until just now. We're splitting a set with the infamous DARK MASTER. Where their set ends and ours will begin I'm not sure. They may just be one in the same. Its all for the dark master himself to decide. He turns the wheels of our fate.

Gun Outfit
Vile Bodies
Dark Master/SQRM
Arvid NOE

@the problem house
11 Islington st. Allston, MA

Monday, June 14, 2010


New Lows
Skin Like Iron
Teenage Acid-Washed Tiger Task Force
Undaak and the Radio Wave Wermacht

At the Cambridge Elks Lodge
55 Bishop Richard Allen Drive Cambridge Ma

more sun, more guns, more fun, more scum

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cool show

My brother, Hammer is playing in a band called Viper. They're playing the above show tomorrow night. If your in the area, come check it out. He would be happy to see you. Lately he's been tripping on acid and thinks he's a disgruntled viet nam vet who found satan and japanese hardcore. That's what the band sounds like too. Could be fun.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hanes tagless white T's with golden shower lettering. $8

Not the greatest design, just something to hold us over until the next thing

Email if you want



We're playing with the legendary pissed jeans. If you haven't heard them they're noise rock fashionistas with pop sensibility who like ice cream and boring girls. Their shows are a big writhing pit of lust. Delicious.

Confines are the tightest band in boston right now(aside from rival mob). Members of Cut the Shit/Social Circkle. Hear their demo:

Flyer by sonic living:   great work

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trash T

Feel like garbage, look like garbage


4 left.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

monday night


sqrm jam
gas state
former thieves
big kidz

665 west st. amherst, ma


we'll be celebrating the birth of  dark master. come bearing gifts for him

Thursday, February 4, 2010


For those of you who are inquiring, I am out of SQRM tapes. I don't have any VIPER tapes. Tony has some of those tapes somewhere, but I can't even get a hold of him so good luck with that. If you come see us at any of these shows coming up there will probably be some for $5 USD. We're playing tomorrow night in Northampton MA in some noise basement. If you want the directions or if you just want to talk about some shit call me: 774-280-2103

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rare Trax


"Wild Wild West" a comp of Western MA's finest:

Wasteland, Relics, SQRM, Vaccine, Dark Master, Gift Horse, Guilt Lust, The Offays, Mudlark, Yak Snot, Ampere, Dangur, The Crystalline Roses, Zac Johnson & The Yankee Entertainer, Low Character

Comes with a highly entertaining insert booklet 

Each song is exclusive to the comp. Our contribution is an unused song from the demo sessions "love song".

Apparently it is "SOLD OUT", but we still have a few

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Separation Anxiety

Something we never do, leave Massachusetts. We hate to do it. We hate all places other than Massachusetts, but 538 beckons.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Wed. January 6th

Nazi Dust

7PM Sharp for location