Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is Western Mass NOT Boston

SQRM Tour '12 w/ HOAX:

2/17 - Hadley MA @ Hulabaloo w/ Psychic Blood
2/18 - Philadelphia PA @ Bikeworks
2/19 - Richmond VA @ Ask a Punk w/ Violent Outburst 8pm
2/20 - Washington DC @ The Rocketship w/ New Breed, State Violence 7pm
2/21 - Pittsburgh PA @ The Spahn Ranch
2/22 - Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class
2/23 - Toronto ON @ Siesta Nouveaux w/ SHIT, Kremlin, Purity Control 7pm
2/24 - Montreal QC @ Death House w/ Flatgrey, Column of Heaven, Vile Intent 9pm
2/25 - Albany NY @ Valentines w/ Longcat, Nochildren, Dont Belong 8pm

Get in there


*Sorry to those who were offended by the last post. To those who know me its obvious how much I love Canada. Remember I'm an american. That means it's my firm belief that shitting on other cultures is not only my god given right, but also my responsibility. Don't take it personally. I'm gracious that our brothers to the north are welcoming us. When I get up there we can all put on our toukes and rock a piss.