Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The End

I think it's safe to say this band is done. After seeing the white one in his fortress of solitude this past weekend its clear that he's not coming out anytime soon. He has everything he needs in there. A banjo, racist black metal tapes, a woman-slave, and all the other amenities that come with cave life. With his waning interests in the modern world and electric music now down to zero, he just doesn't have a place for S in his life. The only thing that might convince him to come out is if you get one of the following bands to play: Furthur, Darvocets, Phish, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Inmates, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Slim Thug, Slapshot, No Warning, or any black metal band with the word moon in it.

Sean and I recorded some new material while I was home which may be used for something else. Whoever wants to do vocals on it is welcome.

I still have some of these Rodeo LPs lying around if you still want one.

Thanks to the people who made this band what it was:

Frank Lemkey
Mark McCoy
Marc Gonya
Rival Mob
Shana Sadeghi-Ray
The Kings
Jimmy Flynn/Mike Flynn/Pat Flynn
George "William" Meyers
Pipe Bomb
Ian Logan
Chill Will
White Sanes
Craig Arms
Andrew Hein
Ryan Springtime Duffy
Ryan Abbot
Gerald Clark
Rose 2
Dark Master
Gastric Lavage
Chris Dooley
Aleister Crowley

and anyone else i forgot...purposefully

one love