Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Mourning After

Thanks to everyone who danced hard as fuck and mangled their bodies this weekend. After very little sleep, a good amount of alchohol, and a flight to SFO delayed almost 3 hours, I'm contemplating suicide, but I won't cop HOAX's style. Sorry to everyone who was planning on going to the flywheel this morning, people weren't down to play and i just couldn't swing it logistically. Special apologies to the Dark Master for befouling his blasphemous sunday plans. More apologies to those who wanted an LP and didn't get one. The whole thing was a big disorganized mess, just like the music. Sorry to those upset that we didn't have change for a $20. If you came looking for change, maybe hardcore was a bad choice. Extra special thanks to the man in the picture below for dancing hard, tearing up ignorant assholes on national tv, and letting me stay at his place. One

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