Friday, August 27, 2010


Its time to demystify you all and remove the "mystery guy" aura around us by telling you exactly what's going on with us:

1) We're NOT breaking up. Tony may tell you different but we'll play again I'm sure. I'm moving to San Francisco until further notice and so the band is on hiatus until I get back. I'm currently on Virgin America flight 351 arriving at 1220pm pacific.
2) The Rodeo LP is now getting mastered and should be out sometime
3) The White Stains EP is pressed and the records are sitting in a meth lab in san francisco that I'm on my way to get RIGHT NOW.
4)There is no "demo 09" tape. The trash bag tape was the demo.
5) The live split with low character is not happening
6)I don't know if the guy from Vile Gash is reissuing the demo or not. Do you?
8)Dark Master lives.
9) We still have T-shirts. But they're in my parent's basement. If you want one call 508-476-2133 and ask for Charlene.

If you have any questions email me at,, or call me at 774-280-2103. Thank you.

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