Thursday, June 14, 2012


You west coasters excited? Not as much as we are I'm sure. Sean has been on HOAX tour for the past month rotting his brain with cotton candy and young girls, Tony is being forced to leave his holy sanctuary of rural western MA to go to some place where people get "hyphy", and we haven't played together since our last practice (the chicago show). Another thing, there is NO drinking allowed at this gig unfortunately. Rest assured there will be plenty of drinking before and after. Definitely get there early, the place is small as fuck. You can talk about "spit-jack" with chris erba if you get bored. If you want to come get ignorant with us afterwards just let me know, and as always if you have any questions about the show or anything else feel free to call me 774-280-2103



  1. Fucking come play LA with Hoax at their Saturday show. C'mon, don't be pussies!

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