Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mind Eraser/Iron Lung Show

Our most recent show in Boston. Luckily this one didn't get broken up by the FBI. Good thing we didn't extort anyone this time. Above are some choice pictures. Our guitarist looks like if Tom Morello did acid, you can clearly see the Bathory influence in Tony's pics, and I'm going bald, either because I just picked up smoking again, or because I have H1N1.

Thanks to Brendan from Mind Eraser for helping set up drums. I have a really hard time with that. ME's set was a ball-breaker as usual. Unfortunately some asshole felt like he had to take off his belt, choke-slam some poor kid on the floor, and then go whipping it around at people. What kind of insecure, alpha-male dick do you have to be to do that? This isn't badluck13 riot extravaganza, or a haymaker show. As Al Quint commented, someone should have grabbed it and wrapped it around his neck. Cheers Al

While we don't condone violence, this was a really fun, positive show overall. Thanks to everyone who came out.

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