Monday, December 14, 2009

Fuck To Survive CS

This is our new cassette single entitled "Fuck To Survive"
It's on Youth Attack records (
Pressing of 200 but it's already sold out, and it just came out yesterday. Maybe people think this is going to be ebay gold? Fools. Anyway we'll be pressing 100 more, and there's one hidden in an unmarked box in Chris Dooley's warehouse, if you have the balls to go to Holyoke MA to search for it. It has three songs from the Gebo session. Apparently they're about sexual frustration...whatever that is. Thanks to Erin Lemkey for naming the first track, Succubus, inspiring all the drum fills on that song, and for having supernatural powers. Thanks to Mark McCoy for the insights :

After a quiet self-release of a debut tape limited to 50 copies, Western Mass' SQRM return with three new expositions on the horror of sexuality. Enhancing their sound with sharpened focus and production, this three piece ensemble perfectly capture the chaotic intensity of their unhinged live performances in this stylish new release. Commencing with "Succubus", SQRM ravages through several tight twists and jerks until dissipating into a crouching mechanical groan. "You're Addicted" has been reworked and revitalized into a ravaged cascading boulder that crashes down just in time for the climaxing title track. Here the band shines at their magical best: churning, guttural monotony under some of the most desperate and jaw dropping vocals ever captured. Pressed on purple pro-tapes with paper labels sheathed in purple inserts depicting singer Tony Pasquarosa's unsettling photography, YA is proud to present this thrilling release in an edition of 200 copies.

The survival of humanity lies in its self-destruction; therein sprawls a wide vista of impasses that, out of weakness of spirit, one is often tempted to retreat from and divert into spiritual mummification. The few who dare to persevere into the tempest of solitude can expect a horrifying and often disastrous confrontation with the self. Thankfully, our insufficient impulses deflect us headlong into passion. This prolonged storm of madness, insanity, and eventual death is exacerbated most effectively through the act of intimacy. Here one may concede for a lifetime. Through physical involvements with another, one can reflect the pain that life relentlessly rains upon us. To be motivated by weakness must be considered a sublime art; it is this colorful flaw that maps our race to the grave.

-Mark McCoy 2009

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