Monday, January 23, 2012


I know, i said we were through. I wasn't lying...i swear. While I hate to be that band, the one that reunites so shortly after breaking know we never would have done it in the first place if someone we know didnt have such strong loyalties to the commonwealth of massachusetts. Not everyone wants to be in a band with "some faggot that lives in California".

Now that all differences are forgiven, we're hitting the road with our friends HOAX on an east coast tour for the last week of FEB. We'll also be visiting the great white north, to show them the whitest time they've seen in a while. Hopefully they show their gratitude by paying us in real american dollars, and not that shitty play money they fuck around with up there: Save the loonies and toonies for the kids please.

More details to come

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